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The Association of European Businesses represents and promotes the interests of European companies conducting business in and with the Russian Federation.

The AEB carries out activities to improve the Russian business and trade environment and to promote economic integration and partnership between the Russian Federation and the European Union.


On 24 October 2014, the AEB Home Appliances Manufacturers Committee and EuropeAid Project 132827 — "Approximation of EU and RF technical regulation and standardization systems" held an open event “Approximation of Customs Union and European Union legislation in the field of energy efficiency labeling”. The event was devoted to the questions related to the regulation of energy efficiency labeling in the Customs Union and in the European Union. During the event, the AEB members and guests received the latest update on the status of development of the draft CU Technical Regulation and the European Union legislation regarding energy efficiency labeling from representatives of the Eurasian Economic Commission and EU and Russian experts. The presentations were followed by lively discussion and Q&A session.

L-R: Victor Timko, Head of Research, Russian Research Institute for Certification (VNIIS); Alexey Soldatov, AEB Home Appliances Manufacturers Committee; Han Zuyderwijk, Team leader, EU project “Approximation of EU and RF Technical Regulation and Standardisation Systems”; Natalia Savelyeva, Adviser of the methodology of technical regulation, Department of technical regulation and accreditation of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

“Approximation of Customs Union and European Union legislation in the field of energy efficiency labeling”

On 23 October 2014, the AEB North-Western Regional Committee in cooperation with the North-Western branch of Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK) has organized an open event in St. Petersburg titled “Future of Pulkovo Airport and perspectives for businesses”. New Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg is one of the major PPP projects in Russia. Approximately 4,000 people are currently employed in the airport project; the new airport has 88 check-in desks, 17 gates and 110 aircraft parking positions. The expansion works of the airport are still in process. The existing Terminal 1 will be expanded and will be opened in the near future for aviation. In the beginning of the event that participants were proposed an acquaintance tour at the Terminal 1 (under construction). Jochen Herter, the Project Manager Terminal Facilities, Northern Capital Gateway LLC, the managing company of Pulkovo airport, took the group of participants around the Terminal 1 and elaborated around the works in process and future outlook, functions and structure of Terminal 1. Later the participants (more than 70 representatives of business community in St. Petersburg and Moscow) were able to meet with the management of Northern Capital Gateway LLC: Volker Wendefeuer, Chief Operating Officer, Jochen Herter and Evgeniy Ilyin, Commercial Director. They presented the further plans of extension and perspectives for business community. The welcome speech took Timo Mikkonen, Chairman of the AEB North-Western Regional Committee, and Rene Harun, Director of the North-Western branch of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK). The event was finished with a networking reception at the newly opened Park Inn Airport Pulkovo Hotel, which hosted the event and became one of the partners of the event. During the reception the General Director of the Hotel, David Morris, has presented his hotel and played several prizes from the hotel in the Sponsors Lottery. The participants also got chance to look around in the hotel and get acquainted to the main facilities.

The AEB gratefully thanks RUSSIA Consulting and Park Inn Airport Pulkovo Hotel for supporting the event.

L-R: Evgeniy Ilyin, Commercial Director, Northern Capital Gateway LLC; Jochen Herter, Project Manager Terminal Facilities, Northern Capital Gateway LLC; Volker Wendefeuer, COO, Northern Capital Gateway LLC; Rene Harun, Director of the North-Western branch of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK); Timo Mikkonen, Chairman of the AEB North-Western Regional Committee.

Open event “Future of Pulkovo Airport and perspectives for businesses”
On 21 October 2014, the AEB PR & Communications Committee held its business-meeting entitled ”Stress-Test of Corporate Reputation: A Business Game”. It was an interactive workshop structured as a role-playing business game where participants formed a number of groups, each with a distinct role that is relevant in a crisis situation. The purpose of this workshop was to provide a vivid overview of communications challenges arising within a company in a crisis situation and to offer ways to organize a corporate response that would minimize reputation damage from such a crisis. This exercise gave corporate PR practitioners an opportunity to freshen up their crisis communications toolkits and share their experience and insights with their peers within the professional community. 
Igor Reichlin, Chairman of the AEB PR & Communications Committee; Managing Partner, “Reichlin & Partners. Reputation Management LLC”, moderated the event.
Stress-Test of Corporate Reputation: A Business Game
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